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Wild Meadow - originals on canvas board

Wild Meadow - originals on canvas board

Wild meadow- this lovely style is quite quick to paint, and so much fun! So you’ll notice the time saving is passed onto my customers and these are cheaper than some of my other originals. Measuring 76.2cmX 50.8 cm They are embellished with a subtle glitter dust and beautiful metallic paints. They are painted on a large canvas board so will need framing. You have the option to purchase these with a simple white frame (as shown is some of the photos) or source your own frame. The canvas board size is 20x 30 inches. Viewing very welcome in the studio by appointment, the photos don’t do them justice .

Canvas board/ canvas panels are different to a stretched canvas, its a ridged board covered in canvas.

    £90.00 Regular Price
    £63.00Sale Price
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